Asset Management System

Asset Management System

Asset Managemet System or AMS, helps you keep track of important resources that you own. This will be a very good resource to have if you want to know their availability or who they are currently assigned to.

For depreciable assets, AMS has a built-in depreciation calculator to help you ascertain how much they are worth at any given time.

Asset Management System works with Customer Relations Management system to track the maintenance schedules of your assets.

If used together with Event Management System it will allow you to track when assets are needed for a party. The Asset Management System also lets you rent-out assets to events and it works with Customer Relations Management to alert you when they need to be delivered or picked-up. It helps you coordinate with suppliers so that you can order more if needed.

The built-in Library feature allows you to keep documents, images or videos about an asset. This handy feature is useful for those times when you need help using a particular product.

The built-in mapping tool, allows you to view where your assets are located in your company. This will save your staff time locating items especially if you are storing them in multiple warehouses.


  • Asset scheduling
  • Asset Rental management
  • Asset Mapping
  • Asset Depreciation
  • Asset Maintenance management
  • Asset Library