Customer Relations Management

Customer Relations Management

Our Customer Relations Management or CRM is specially created to work with Event Management System. It allows you to keep track and manage all the important people that are involved in a particular event.

CRM is a great assistant to have to help you deal with all the various communications between you, your customer and their guests. It can be setup to keep tab of all the messages that you sent out about an event. It even prompts you to send birthday or anniversary greetings if configured.

CRM works with Event Management System to make sure that you don't double-book your Party Planners, or that you have enough staff available on an event date.

CRM also works with Service Management System to make sure that every "problem tickets" raised by a customer gets resolved in a timely manner.

With the help of Inventory Management System and Asset Management System, CRM will help you coordinate with your Suppliers when items need to be ordered.

The built-in Library feature, allows you to track documents, images and other electronic files that are kept for a particular customer.


  • User-specific To-Do list
  • User-specific Schedule
  • Team Schedule
  • Customer Communications tracking
  • Customer Memo management
  • Customer Case monitoring
  • Customer Library